ayholev1tmbSpitting Feathers by Spitting Feathers by Spitting Feathers by Spitting Feathers

Spitting Feathers by Spitting Feathers is a self titled debut album from the band Spitting Feathers from Sweden. This album is not to be confused with the EP by Thom Yorke, the English “alternative” rock band, the beer enthusiasts, or the English “folk” rock band. There must be some affinity with English people, feathers, and spitting.Citing influences from NWOBHM, Spitting Feathers by Spitting Feathers is a refreshing “melodic hard rock” album featuring some good quality music. The melodious and squeaky vocals will raise up memories of basement recording at mom’s. Also heard on this album is a new phenomenon shaking the music world known by some as the badly played piano. Every album coming out nowadays has some and this one does it well.

Spitting Feathers by Spitting Feathers is my January Album of the month because it has a great raw quality and is not in any way shy. The sucky piano makes itself scarce. The guitars shred hooks galore in straight amp-to-ear fashion. Bass plays the root and sometimes walks it down. The drums are really basic, so good job, I guess, probably the only thing I’d change since they resemble mid-00’s pop-punk, specifically the UFAP (up front and personal) kick drum. The singing is pure and un-frilled and full of anthemic chants backed by power chords and back beats.

The lyrics across the board are unashamed and pointed. Crash Landing is an example of good ol-fashioned punk writing. Although three ballads might be too much for some bands, Spitting Feathers features two pure ballads and the final track, titled “Nowhere,” which one might call a “half-ballad.” Nowhere features one of my favorite lines on the album: “Don’t get started ‘cause I’ve heard it all before. There is no space for being human anymo’.” It is also constructed in sudo-sonata format with an introduction, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, interlude, return, chorus, conclusion with a fade out.

The production, which apparently took most of last year, keeps the lows low and the highs high creating a lot of motion. I do not know if this band is ever going to leave Sweden but any show they do is sure to be a good one. Plus, the logo is pretty good.


The whole album can be previewed on SoundCloud because this band is cool. There probably will not be any vinyl available outside of Sweden, but maybe if someone is going there…