Cavaverman – Tales from Cavafistool



Cavaverman wants you to believe that they’re like the Misfits, and sometimes they succeed. The vocalist has that Elvis and Jim Morrison’s baby thing going on just like Danzig. “Teenwolf” will have you whoa-oh-ohing along throughout, while “Lora Ashley” is some great ’50s ballad-come-punk junk. If there was a Misfits chorus genome project, “Green Goblin” would be an essential element to cracking the code.

Yet Cavaverman buries these good tracks under a bunch of garbage, garbage that sounds too much like AFI for comfort. “Dead In Berlin” is an awful “Boy Who Destroyed the World” re-write, but even that’s better than the Green Day genericism of “Inside You”, “Hero”, and “Just Another Day”. With a four awful to three great song ratio, what’s left are five tracks that leave no lasting impression.

So after writing all of that, I checked out Cavaverman’s 2013 album, James Dead. It’s supposed to be a play on James Dean. “James Dean? More like James DEAD!” is something I probably would have said in high school for some stupid reason. Regardless, it’s a much better album that retains the Misfits influence throughout. I’d give it a B+, but I’m not reviewing that, am I?