Dance With The Dead – The Shape


I wish all retro 80’s stuff was instantly worthwhile, I really do. Cool, dark synths and retro drum samples are pretty tasty. Unfortunately, Dance With The Dead have one song structure: build up to a big part, big part, build up to big part, big part, repeat. If you like forty-five minutes of non-stop electro-ACTION, this is for you.

Even more ridiculous are the endless guitar theatrics. I thought electronic music was doing okay without constant interference from ex-metal dudes who realized there was more money in big dance clubs than in slimey metal bars where every toilet has been leaking since 2003. These guys muck up every song and need to go away.

But they never do, no matter how hard you pray. The crescendos keep coming and the guitars keep bloating as you slowly become desensitized to mega excitement and ultra hipness. This album will turn you into your parents and immediately force you to understand their thoughts on whatever crap came from your adolescent stereo: it’s loud, it’s stupid, and what’s the point of living in a world that creates this shit?