Lethal Steel – Legion of the Night


So close your eyes and think about your favorite Iron Maiden, Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head, Raven, or Angel Witch songs. Now imagine a bunch of Swedish dudes take them all, throw them in a blender, mix in a good amount of corn mash, put it in their still, and make some moonshine out of it. You take a drink and are taken slightly aback. While the flavor is generally lacking and has a distinctly filthy aftertaste, it remains a potent New Wave of British Heavy Metal mix.

Regurgitated NWOBHM is what Lethal Steel offers in thought, word and deed. Such carbon copying is usually frowned upon for many reasons, the most glaring being that the musicians are big fat phonies with nothing to say of their own. This might hold true for the uninitiated, but for those who understand that the NWOBHM was the single greatest movement in musical anything, Legion of the Night has all the right moves. It will not replace your favorite Raven album, but it’s a nice fix for anyone who’s afraid of music pre-2016.