ayholev1tmbmusic from nowhere – atrocité

Out of nowhere, aka Luxembourg, comes the smash new genre, obnoxious. Music from Nowhere uses the latest in “all sorts of virtual and analogue gadgets.” The result is half-atmosphere half electronic pop.

The title track might actually be the best track, which is probably why it is the title track. There is some good atmosphere and some unintelligible mumbling, which continues on other tracks as well, such as the post-pop “le bonheur”. Give it a listen on bandcamp where the album is called ɒƚɿoɔiƚé . Official release is May the 4th. One can imagine what that means.  Not quite first third of the year, but since I found it in the first third and thought it was released I covered it.


Sean Flynn – It Is What It Is

Sean Flynn is a singer songwriter from Wayne, NJ. His new album is It Is What It Is. What it is is a raw and genuine songwriting. Not only is the music itself more than decent, the lyrics are either insidiously deceptive and spurious or pure and unadulterated. Flynn sings about love and wanting to be your man. When he sings you must close your eyes and imagine he is singing to you.

The most viscously amorous of all the tracks is the poppy country inspired “Dream Come True.” Most of the music is rock and roll and the best song is probably “Jilted,” which can be heard on his live nation.


Paul Gilbert – I Can Destroy
More blues rock. Paul Gilbert released a couple of good tracks on his new album. The title track is one, and the immediately following “Knocking on a locked door” is the other. The others are mostly mediocre. Gilbert is a great guitar player and it shows on all of the tracks, however boring they are.


Elliott Power – Once Smitten
Light atmospheric hip-hop. There are some neat textures and clichéd ambient plugin sounds. The rap is soft and rhythmic and void of emotion. Good for a trance party.


Kiiara – low kii savage
Electronic hip-hop. The first track is super entertaining for 15 seconds. The rest is kinda catchy but mostly boring because it’s electronic hip-hop.