Micro-Reviewery 6: Like Pacific, Yuri, Phyllomedusa


There’s still more stuff from the past few weeks that deserves no more than a brief paragraph.


Like Pacific – Distance Like You Asked

’90s pop punk died so numb nuts like these guys would burn in hell, but like the bombs dropping on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atrocities inflicted upon innocents never really escape our consciousness, do they?


Yuri – Demo I

Blink and it’s over fastcore on cassette. It does a great job sneaking actual riffs into the hardcore punk mess, somehow making this two and a half minute demo feel as meaty as any thirty minute LP. Honestly, maybe speeding every album up until it’s two minutes would make the world a better place.


Phyllomedusa – Fijian Holiday

Jack-offs of all trades and masturbaters of none, goregrind was pretty bad before Phyllomedusa started playing it super slow. It’s honestly death metal nap time music, which has to be the worst kind of nap genre.


Your Enemy – Eradication of the Parasitic Hordes

D-beat crust-grind is rarely this consistent, although most won’t tell the difference. Like if you set one of those Sleep Easy Sound Generators and turned the dial to the “pretty good d-beat crust-grind” setting.


Hypnic Jerk – Live at the Precinct

Noisecore needs to be harsh, but this is just digital garble. It’d sound better if they used a single track tape deck instead of their shitty laptop mic, but I can still respect anything that punishes the listener without being annoying.